Electronic Security Systems

This range from CCTV cameras, scanners, Bollards and spikes e.t.c


We have a range of alarm system which include:fire alarms,Intruder alarms and alarm response services.


Our officers are trained to do high end investigation having been sourced from top investigation bodies in the country.

Trained Security Guards

We have highly trained security guards with years of experience in the security sector.

CCTV Cameras

Boom Barrier And Spikes Systems

Baggage Scanners

We install Baggage scanners which are specialized computer linked systems used to scan luggage for any metal or weapon carried inside.

Access Control Systems

We have acess control systems that have options for either biometric reader, card reader or password that control any entry or exit.

Alarm Response Service

We offer Alarm Response service to all locations in the country. We have a freight of vehicles to ensure we offer timely services to our clients.

Walk Through Metal Detectors

These machines automatically scans persons getting into a building for any metallic or weapon.

Metal Detectors

This device is used by security guards to scan persons entering a building for any harmful devices that may be carried by the person.

Fire Alarm Systems

These are electronic detectors that sense the presence of fire in the building, trigger an alarm and activate any pre-installed fire fighting equipment.

Automatic Gates

This gates enables the owner to remotely open his/her gate without coming out of his/her vehicle or alert the guards or the occupants of his/her house of his/her arrival. The gate can be opened at a range of 300 meters.

Electric Fences

We provide a high quality industrial and residential electric fences that delivers a strong but non lethal shock to any intruders and it triggers an alarm to summon help.